Saturday, May 30, 2009


Well then things do not work the way you want, you impervise. I wanted to go to the campground and take the kids camping with another family but we were unable to; so being terribly upset by it I decided to set up camp in our front yard. This is the kids first camping experience and I am embaressed by this.

Here is one of our 2 tents. It is the smaller one that Sarah wants to use.

Here is the firepit in the front yard that makes a great campfire!

Here's my guy. A real trooper when I told him we are setting up camp in the front yard!

Sarah was getting upset about camping. She does not do well with change and was getting mouthy and resistant about this whole idea.

I bought a watermellon at the Farmer's Market on Friday for $3. Chilled it in the creek and what a mouth watering treat for the afternoon.

Did not know it was such hard work setting up 2 tents! Dad needs to relax!

Not wanting to get too close to the fire and chance getting burned, dad finds a realllyyy longggg stick to roast his marshmallow.

Jacob roasting,

Sarah roasting, but she had to do 2 at a time!

Now, talking on the phone is not what we do when we go camping! Please get off and spend time with the family! Actually she was calling a friend to see if her and her fmaily could come over and roast marshmallows with us.

Overall it was a very fun experience and the kids did enjoy it. The night was a bit chilly for a night in June but what fun it was.